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London mag ‘Smoke’ publish their first book: everything around (but nothing about) the Olympic Games

Posted at 2:30 pm, August 9, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
From The Slopes

Known and loved by Londoners city-wide, ‘Smoke: A London Peculiar’ is celebrating its 10th birthday this year. Still burning hot, the publication once sold from the rucksacks of Jude Rogers and Matt Haynes in 2003 sold 5,000 copies an issue until 2010 when they started working on other related projects. And what better way to mark the anniversary than with sale of the first ever Smoke book!

‘From the Slopes of Olympus to the Banks of the Lea’ will be released by the duo’s newly formed publishing company and promises to apply the same loving appreciation of London oddities as displayed in ‘Smoke’ over the past decade. But this publication has a new subject to wrangle with: the event that has changed London the most over the last ten years, the Olympic Games. 

An observational accolade to the years preparing for, applauding, and following the Olympic and Paralympic Games, ‘From the Slopes…’ manages to skirt around most central sporting activities to discuss a surprising array of stimulating tit-bits; the cough syrup made from the floral content of a sunken Lea barge, Usain Bolt’s long-lost late-night Leyton tweets, the melancholy song of a Greenwich dustman…

A must-have compendium of curiosities that could only ever happen in a town like ours. Don’t miss the chance to head down to Greenwich Market, celebrate the book launch, and pore over your favourite peculiarities with the authors themselves. Kitty Knowles

‘From The Slopes of Olympus to the Banks of the Lea’ will be published by Smoke: A London Peculiar at £15. The book launch will take place on Saturday, Aug 10 at Greenwich Market from 10am-5.30pm (followed by pints in the market pub).

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