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KERB need your enthusiasm to save their Gherkin street food

Posted at 5:40 pm, August 12, 2013 in Food & Drink, Outdoor London
KERB, Gherkin

Keith Burrows tucks into a Ribman Roll at KERB Gherkin. Photo © Tom Bowles

If we’ve learnt anything from the London food scene in the last year or so it’s that food tastes better when it’s served on the street. Or if it doesn’t, we all think it does, because street food markets are the 2013 hotspot that wine bars were in the nineties. So goodness only knows why the City of London Corporation have called for the immediate closure of KERB’s weekly Gherkin market, which has been serving up treat lunch to the foodies of The City since last November. Apparently because it’s ‘unsightly’, which seems a bit silly in a Square Mile built from endless shades of grey. Do you want to help save KERB Gherkin? Just sign their petition to join the battle against the bland.

Sign the petition to save KERB Gherkin here, or read more about their King’s Cross market

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