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Teeny tiny toothpick sculptor builds Tower Bridge

Posted at 8:57 am, August 13, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, News
London Bridge Toothpick

Many an artist has used the troughs and peaks of London’s skyline as a muse for their work – Monet’s ‘Houses of Parliament’, Sisley’s ‘Charing Cross Bridge’, and, of course, Lucy Sparrow, the resident artist to our Time Out Ministructure series.

But none of them, not one of them, thought to seize the humble toothpick as their creative medium. That wistful idea came from San Francisco miniature sculptor, Steven Backman and the Brit-lover’s latest subject is none less than architectural London icon, Tower Bridge, which he created from a single toothpick. 

Backman told us how he created the tiny sculpture, (which is under 2cm high and less than 3mm wide), with a straight edges razor blade, tweezers, needle nose pliers, ‘a little glue and a lot of patience’. Furiously fiddly work… “I love London and its people and wanted to make something symbolic of this great city”, he explained. ‘It was very challenging to create because I included a lot of details found on the original landmark”.

Well all we can say is that with every bit of British etiquette we take our hats off to you sir. And that we want a Not-so-big Ben next! Kitty Knowles

See more of Backman’s pocket-sized wonders at the Toothpick Art website.

London Bridge Toothpick

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