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Top 10 tips for everyone stripping off for the ZSL London Zoo Tiger Streak

Posted at 7:56 am, August 13, 2013 in Fun London, News, Outdoor London

OMG Tiger - photo credit - Tambako the Jaguar

Anyone participating in the Tiger Streak fundraiser at London Zoo on August 15 might want to read our tips for how to make the most of stripping for stripes…

1. Trim, shave or wax unnecessary body fur. You don’t want to be mistaken for one of the zoo animals. Plus it will make you streamlined for faster running.

2. Keep eye contact when speaking to another streaker. Maybe taking a sneak peek is allowed, but no gawping, ok?

3. Men, don’t get too excited running around. You don’t want to give people a fright.

4. Run at a pace that your jiggly bits can handle. No one wants to see boobs and balls flying everywhere.

5. If you’re not quite brave enough to bare all and have opted for underwear, make sure they are a nice pair. Or go the other way and make them as funny/awful as you can.

6. Wear comfortable footwear in case you want to run fast and get the race over and done with so you can put your clothes back on.

7. Have your own soundtrack, one that makes we feel invincible, amazing and sexy. Even though you’re really shitting yourself, keep your spirits high with some party tunes (we recommend ‘Eye of the Tiger’).

8. Run like you’re on Baywatch – everyone looks sexy doing the Baywatch run, don’t they?! Naked or not, everything looks good in slow motion…

9. Don’t get drunk beforehand. Yes all your inhibitions will go out the window but you might also fall flat ass over tit. Literally. And no one wants that.

10.Under no circumstances should you bring along an actual tiger.

Meeka Walwyn-Lewis

The ZSL ‘Streak For Tigers’ event kicks off at 6.30pm, after hours at London Zoo. Tiger Streakers and spectators can enter the zoo via the Prince Albert Gate. Find more info and register as a Tiger Streaker here.

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