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Crazy about ‘One Direction’ or just plain crazy?

Posted at 1:00 pm, August 14, 2013 in TV
Crazy About One Direction

Big Fun. Bad Boys Inc. Westlife. Yes, carefully harvested pretty boys singing turgid songs while impressionable girls fall head over heels for them are nothing new. But the phenomenon of the Directioners certainly is, thanks to the explosion of social media that aided the rise to global superstardom of their preferred beat combo, One Direction. Sample tweets: ‘I wouldn’t kill a puppy, but I’d probably kill a cat’. ‘I’d go to jail just to be with [Harry Styles]’. Yes, One way or another, they’re gonna gettem gettem gettem gettem. Daisy Asquith’s doc investigates, and it ain’t always pretty.

Read our review of ‘Crazy About One Direction’, airing Thursday August 15, 10pm, Channel 4.

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