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Bored at work? Take yourself on a Desk Safari

Posted at 3:00 pm, August 15, 2013 in Fun London, Photos of London

Are you suffering from email apathy? Are you tired of typing and desperately seeking your next procrastination hit?  The answer? Desk Safari.

Bring wild animals to your workplace. All you need is your computer screen, animal imagery, and a healthy dose of jungle fever.

Here’s ten of their fave London creature creations:


Kidding around (as a goat).

Via @kristensreality  and @TheKeyOfAwesome

Bob De Val

One fit kitty.

Via Bob De Val

Vanessa Pilon @Vansap

‘Avin a giraffe

Via @vansap

Kamel and Florent

Kamel cuddling a fidgety Florent

Via Kamel and Florent

Uri Halevi

Cat finds worm hole wall. Emerges in alternate reality.

Via Uri Halevi

Nell Frizzell

Throw your hands in the air! if you’re a meerkat, yeah!

Via Nell Frizzell


An a-llama-ed llama

Via @infantdebiler

@BillyBernhardt @milaaaaaaan

Two words: Monkey. Business.

Via @BillyBernhardt and @milaaaaaaan


Mike, (the creator of Desk Safari), learns that Karma is indeed a Bitch.

Via @BenRobinson88


But nothing compares to this Meerkat-style revenge…

Via Mike, Desk Safari

Kitty Knowles

Check out more larks at the Desk Safari website, and send your submissions to desksafari@gmail.com.

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