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Pimp your bike for free today in Golden Square

Posted at 12:00 pm, August 15, 2013 in Transport

Red charge plug, single speed
Unchain your trusty steed and roll to Golden Square today for a bit of free TLC at the Levi’s Bike Shop, in association with custom cycles store Kinoko. They’re ready and waiting to treat you and your wheels to everything from a bit of extra air to an icewax chain lube (exotic), plus tweeting a picture of the Levi’s Commuter clothing that’s on display to @Levis_UK with the hashtag #COMMUTER will enter you into a competition to win a Red Plug Charge Prestige as pictured above. If you’re so taken with the Commuter clothing that you buy some from Kinoko today, you’ll also receive a free cycling cap. To be honest, even if you didn’t so much as pass your cycling proficiency you should pop down; they’re also giving away apples.

The Levi’s Bike Shop will be in Golden Square today (Thurs August 15) until 8pm

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