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Shape your own path to view London

Posted at 8:00 am, August 15, 2013 in Outdoor London
Spiral London

Living in a big city like London it can become easy to geographically reside in your daily 9-5 routine and find yourself disconnected from the vast city around you. For most, when the urge arises to unearth fresh and exciting places they turn to some of the cities most committed and excellent pioneering guides (cough). Adam Tanaka had different ideas.

Having lost touch with the city of his childhood after spending several years abroad, he adopted the situationist concept of ‘derive’, aiming to rediscover his distance memories and experiences that shaped who he is today. On his first day back to London after a six year absence, Adam mapped out a vague route that covered 100 kilometres of the city, sculpting it in the shape of a spiral – a symbol of London’s cultural melting pot.

Spiral London, Statford

What fell into shape was ‘Spiral London’, a portrait of London captured through photos of its inhabitants after every kilometre. Across rediscovering London’s spectacular landscape, Adam befriended a random Japanese man, bumped into an old class mate and met a smurf.

Spiral London Spiral London, Smurf

If open-top bus tours and city guides aren’t your thing, then get creative and shape your ideas in a different way and see what you can discover around the city.

To view a more detailed insight into Adam’s journey, view his website here.

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