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Bob Mazzer’s moving photographs of London Underground lives

Posted at 9:30 am, August 16, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Transport
Bob Mazzer

The London Undergound – a place for reading the news on the way to work, partying on a night out, and being desperate to recover the morning after. Over three million people of all ages and backgrounds travel on it every day. Aldgate-born Bob Mazzer never intended to collect such a large series of images documenting everyday commuters on the Underground, but fell in love with his travelling sitters and the raw candid emotions he was able to capture on film. We have selected just a handful of his intimate and moving photographs celebrating London life throughout the decades. Next time you ride the tube rails, perhaps Mazzer’s lovely work will remind you of all the people who have passed through the very same tunnels, and that as Londoners we are all connected just as the travel system links the city itself. Kitty Knowles

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