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Geeky graffiti: can you crack the code to win tickets to Campus Party?

Posted at 2:00 pm, August 16, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Competition, Technology
Shoreditch Geeky Graffiti

Calling all tech-savvy hack-heads! Have you noticed the geeky graffiti that has cropped up in Shoreditch and Maida Vale? The writing on the wall is not just your standard ‘Taz’, ‘Tox’, or ‘Gaz Woz Ere’. The tags consist of Morse, JavaScript and binary code, and are accompanied by artwork of Godfather cryptanalyst Alan Turing (who led the team which cracked the Enigma code), code inventor Samuel Morse and Atari pioneer Nolan Bushnell. The legendary technologists with their mysterious marks are the first of many graffiti pieces to appear each week across the UK. And, if you manage to piece together the meaning behind the cypher you could win tickets to hacker heaven technology fest Campus Party – the Glastonbury for techpreneurs, developers, gamers, and well, geeks of all shapes and sizes. Let’s get code-crunching!

Campus Party will run from September 2-7 at The O2, London. Keep your eyes peeled for artwork in your local area, or head to the Campus Party website to crack the code online. If you successfully decipher the cryptic meaning, you can enter the prize draw here.

Have a peek at the geeky graffiti in process… 


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