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Herman ze German: the best wurst in town comes to Soho

Posted at 12:00 pm, August 16, 2013 in Food & Drink
Herman ze German, Old Compton Street

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Herman ze German is a purveyor of German sausages. Its outlet on Villiers Street is cherished by sausage fanciers and the late-night commuters of Charing Cross, but is no place to linger. This second branch, in the beating heart of Soho, is also a fast-food joint – but its larger size and playfully utilitarian interior has made it a place that’s comfortable enough to hang out in. The sausages are imported from the Black Forest, and are sehr gut: high-quality pork (no ‘mystery meat’ here), juicy, springy middles and a proper ‘knack’ when you bite. More bonus points for serving them in proper bread rolls (as opposed to a US soft finger bun) – at HzG, you’ll get chewy baguettes.

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