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Is visiting Hackney burger joint The Advisory advisable?

Posted at 11:15 am, August 18, 2013 in Food & Drink

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What London really needs is another burger joint, right? Err… maybe not. But if you’re a trendy twenty-something Hackneyite, you’ll still want to check in to the Advisory. In true post-modern, tongue-in-cheek fashion, the owners have taken the site’s former use (as the local Asian Women’s Advisory Centre) as a source of inspiration, from droll ‘advice’ on how to eat your onion rings to a ‘mission statement’ in the window that reads, “This centre is responsible for a refined preparation of brunch, lunch and dinners. We also respond to thirst related needs.” Oh, aren’t they just so clever? Actually, they got in trouble for keeping the original signage (deemed in poor taste, though the centre’s been gone for a good few years), so have taken it down, but it’s still a thrift-as-high-fashion-hipster joint. But what of the burgers? Read on to see what our reviewer thought.

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