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The Thames is full of seals!

Posted at 10:00 am, August 19, 2013 in News
Seals in the Thames

We don’t usually expect to find any wildlife more exotic than the odd confused seagull in our murky London waters, but the first ever count by the Zoological Society of London (ZSL) has discovered that the Thames is home to hundreds of grey and harbour seals (708, to be exact). It’s at this time of year that the seals shuffle onto sand banks to moult their summer jackets and grow a warmer autumn/winter version, which makes it the perfect time to do a head count. Admittedly, the seals in the count were mostly in the Thames Estuary, rather than hanging around by the South Bank, but ZSL are keeping track of seal spottings reported to them on this interactive seal map, which shows quite a few of the furry chaps right here in town. They’d like you to help keep track of our river critters, too, so if you spot anything exciting in the Thames (anything that counts as fauna – more suspicious items should probably be reported to the Met), please use their website to let them know.

Find out where London seals have been spotted on the interactive seal map, or use zsl.org/inthethames to report a seal sighting


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