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Frolic in the beautiful green pastures of, erm, Euston Station

Posted at 5:00 pm, August 20, 2013 in Fun London, Outdoor London
Virgin Euston credit: Matt Alexander/PA Wire

Forget Hampstead Heath, Hyde Park and Clapham Common – this luscious stretch of grassy platform in Euston Station is now the city’s prime location for those who want to get back in touch with nature. Sort of. Virgin Trains’ PR department felt so sorry for the stressed-out commuters of Euston that they created this… errr… country idyll between platforms for them to frolic upon as they wait for the 19:53 to Milton Keynes. This ‘experimental installation’ (ahem) urges passengers to relax and ‘feel the grass between their toes’ – provided, of course, they don’t get carried away and miss their train. Ludicrous publicity stunt or genuine good deed? We’ll leave that up to you to decide…

The grassy paddock will be installed between platforms 2 and 3 of Euston station until the end of the week.

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