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The cronut and beyond: the latest culinary hybrids

Posted at 1:30 pm, August 20, 2013 in Food & Drink

It’s official: London has gone nuts for magnificently silly New York hybrid the cronut. Tania Ballantine does the math(s) for some of this city’s other food equations and reveals the next culinary mash-up arriving from the Big Apple (it’s not a big apple).

Biskie = biscuit + cake + cookie

This triple hybrid comes in experimental flavours such as green tea with white chocolate and raspberry, and pineapple with coconut and chilli pineapple jam. If the makers get a supermarket deal, pity the poor sod who has to work out what aisle to put it in. Try it: Cutter & Squidge at Partridges Market, Duke of York Square, King’s Rd, SW3 4LY. From £1.90.

Hamcakes= fried eggs + ham + cheese + pancakes with maple syrup

Knocking Scotland’s deep-fried pizza into a culinary cocked hat is the Breakfast Club’s delicious dish ‘Ham So Eggcited’. It’s fried eggs. And ham. On pancakes. With maple syrup. And cheese. Followed by a check-up at the nearest cardiac clinic. Try it: Breakfast Club, 33 D’Arblay St, W1F 8EU. £7.20

Burgerdog = burger + hot dog

Awww. The two most famous products on the US meatwagon got together and became one. ‘The mongrel’ may not be as attractive as human celebrity partnerships like Brangelina or Kimye, but we reckon it’s tasty enough to merit a spread in Hello magazine. Try it: Street Kitchen at The Miller, 96 Snowsfields Rd, SE1 3SS. £7.50.

Cronut = croissant + doughnut

It’s so sell-a-kidney-to-get-one popular that the New York bakery that created it has trademarked its name. The cronut (known over here as the ‘dosant’ or ‘crodough’) is the must-eat breakfast of 2013. Try it: Rinkoff, 222-226 Jubilee St, E1 3BS. £2.50. Cocomaya, 12 Connaught St, W2 2AF. £4.50.

Ramen burger = ramen noodles + burger

And the next NY cult hybrid is… the ramen burger. Hailed as a successor to the cronut phenomenon, this beef patty, clasped between ‘buns’ made of fried noodles, combines London’s two hottest cheap food trends. Try it: It’s only in Brooklyn (for $8) at the mo, but the ‘noodler’ is likely to hit London soon.

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