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Tastes of London Tube map

Posted at 10:00 am, August 28, 2013 in Fun London, Transport
Tube map of taste

(Click on the map to enlarge it, or click here to find an even bigger version)

The latest in the great Tube map remix is a particularly tasty little number. James Wannerton, a 54-year-old systems analyst from Blackpool with synaesthesia (a neurological condition in which your senses get mixed up) has recreated the iconic map with how he thinks each of the Tube stops taste. Since coming down on trips to London age 4, he has compiled his discoveries and created the above map after 49 years of tingling tastebuds. From now on, every morning I’ll be trying to conjure up the taste of sausage and fried egg as I come out of Tottenham Court Road station.

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