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Adam Buxton’s favourite London spots

Posted at 11:30 am, September 10, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Secret London, Top 5
Adam Buxton © Rob Greig

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Funny man, ‘BUG’ host, beard owner and internet wizard Adam Buxton is taking to the stage at the Union Chapel from September 13-16 with his new one-man comedy show ‘Kernel Panic’. We caught up with the Norwich-based comedian and demanded he tell us about his favourite London hangouts. And yes, he is actually putting his tongue in that fish’s mouth. That happened.

Tate Britain
‘I like the Tate Britain, rather than the Tate Modern. Don’t get me wrong, I like the Tate Modern but it’s just too busy now, it’s a victim of its own success. Meanwhile, people forget all about the Tate Britain. There is such a lot of good stuff  there as part of their permanent collection and with all the new exhibitions. It’s just quite a relaxing place. Plus, attractive people go to galleries, so it’s good if you’re picking up men or women. It’s romantic – Woody Allen films have always had encounters of people in galleries. It’s just interesting people hanging out. What’s better than that?!’

Zetter Townhouse
‘A friend of mine set up the Zetter Townhouse; it’s really nice and does amazing cocktails. I like to go there sometimes with my pals and have poncey cocktails or stay at the hotel upstairs where every room is done up in a wacky style. I wrote a song called Boutique Hotel when I was doing a radio show on BBC 6 Music with Edith Bowman. I think my friend got a little bit offended because there was a line that said ‘there’s a bar where they sell extremely poncey cocktails. I’ll have the broccoli one with Tizer and drool from a tramp’.’

‘I like that row of shops – the box thing. I always find that I’m too old for that place but I do like it. I ended up buying a lot of shoes from Palladium there and now, because I’m so unimaginative, it’s the only place I shop for shoes. As soon as one thing fits me that’s all I buy for years.’

‘When I was at college, the ICA was always just a cool groovy place with attractive people hanging around, so we’d feel that would make us feel more attractive to go hang out there. We’d go drink at the bar and see what wanky night was on. As an art school boy, I loved those kind of places.’

St James Park
‘I always loved the park by the ICA too. Joe Cornish, Louis Theroux and I used to go there after school and shotgun beers. I think we saw it on ‘Risky Business’ or something like that. That was our idea of a good night out. No girls, just us. But it was fun! Whenever I felt a bit blue, I used to go there, sit on a bench and listen to music while I felt sorry for myself. I still think it’s a nice place to feel sorry for yourself.’

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