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We’re so cat-sited! Cat café location revealed

Posted at 5:00 pm, September 10, 2013 in News
cat cafe

Okay London. It’s time for the best news you’ve heard all September. Put down that cup of tea. Turn that mid-week frown upside-down and get ready to run into the closest, most desolate hall to screech with delight because we’ve got the exclusive we’ve been waiting for for nine months. Yes. Today we are happy to reveal the location of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.

The cat café – which is being funded largely by crowd sourced funds – started its journey back in January with a plea for donations through Indigogo. Since then it’s been a roller coaster of elation, frustration and elation again. After property hunting, licence applications and extensive planning permission, Lauren Pears (the most dedicated cat lady in London – bar yours truly of course) can finally announce the location, which is: 152-154 Bethnal Green Road, E2 6DG.

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The café, which will be based in the heart of Shoreditch and a stone’s throw away from Shoreditch Overground Station, still has a way to go. But now that all the papers have been signed, the emporium can begin its transformation into a cat haven with lots of lovely treats for humans to buy and eat. Once the demolition and building work is complete, the hunt for cats and human helpers will commence, so if you’re looking for a new job, sign up for the jobs newsletter here. Carly-Ann Clements

But for now, let’s celebrate the best way we know how…

First, hit play

Now scroll and enjoy:

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Good luck Lauren! We can’t wait for the café to open.

For more info, see our last cat café update or Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium.

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