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Time Out Takeover: your Lies to Tell Tourists

Posted at 4:15 pm, September 23, 2013 in Fun London
Lies to Tell Tourists

takeover2Each week, in the magazine, we bring you a lie to tell tourists. As this week’s issue is written by you guys, here are a few of your brilliant visitor-confusing porkies.

Florianne Charlotte Rose, 18 year-old student.

Most Londoners choose to use the stairs at Covent Garden Station instead of the lifts as it’s both faster and less stressful.

Parliament Hill is where the House of Commons is held during the summer to allow MPs to catch some sun.

Visited the London Eye? Ask a local to point you in the direction of the London Nose.

Adam Shearwood, 32 year-old film fan and Wandsworth resident.

To help tackle the city’s urban fox epidemic, in 2011 alligators were introduced to London’s canal network.

Lolly Jones, 31 year-old Crouch End resident and actor/temp/blogger.

Supermarket chain Asda are official stylists to the Royal Family and have renamed their haute couture line ‘George at Asda’ in honour of the future king.

The Tory Party is in fact an East London nightclub that serves a wide range of milk-based cocktails.

Leo Matlock, 25 year-old charity worker from Holloway.

Impress your friends and family by telling them the reason for Brixton’s name: it’s where bricks were invented.

Rebecca Pearson, 28 year-old fashion model.

The original tube map censored Cockfosters, Arsenal and, for some reason, Mudchute.

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