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56 London animals who want to give you a pep talk right now

Posted at 2:30 pm, September 25, 2013 in Fun London

The animals of London Town (as photographed by our wonderful readers) want to pass on the following message..

Hey, we know that sometimes, life sucks:

Dog wearing cone from vet.
Photo: Dani Lurie

Like when the thing you want most is just out of reach:

Two cats watching mouse through window.
Photo: Kiran Samra

Or just having a friend with a grating laugh:

Two horses laughing.

Photo: Ria Poliqui

Or  you’re forced to go to a fancy-dress party:

Dog in a dinosaur costume.

Photo: Lucy Blan

When life deals you a bad hand:

A dog playing poker with a man and looking sad.

Photo: Louise Dempse

When it’s freakin’ rush hour:

A whole lot of swans.

Photo: Georgiana Macdonal

Or when a nostalgic memory makes you shed a single, solitary tear:

A dog crying a tear.

Photo: Paula Garci

When you worry your friends are a bunch of fakes:

A terrier dog surrounded by stuffed toy dogs.

Photo: Lucy Blan

But they’re the only friends you have:

A sleeping cat cuddling a toy bunny.

Photo: ??

When you’re really feeling the squeeze:

A cute mouse being picked up in someone's hand.

Photo: Kim Floy

Or when dinner is totally tasteless:

A dog carrying a plastic duck in his mouth.

Photo: Sanna Raitam

And you just can’t understand this ‘small plates’ craze:

A dog looking at a tiny biscuit on someone's knee.

Photo: Christina Mor

But on the other hand, dieting sucks:

A cat that doesn't want to go on a diet.

Photo: Anna Carina Marrollo

That feeling when your boss calls you in for a ‘quick chat’:

A teeny tiny sad dog and a huge dog.

Photo: Eszter Iga

When the only reaction is AARARARGARGARGAHHHHH:

A cat yawning.

Photo: Al Nova

Then you can’t even party like you used to:

A cat asleep on a bar.

Photo: Marco Macchierald

When you’re just trying to find a moment’s peace:

A cat hiding in a chest of drawers.

Photo: Helen Royd

Because you desperately need a nap:

A cat asleep on a bookshelf.

Photo: Neil Robinso

So, so badly:

A sleeping puppy.

Photo: Laura Mear

When you don’t like that person in the mirror anymore:

A kitten looking in the mirror and feeling sad.

Photo: Kiran Sumr

And you’re feeling downright frumpy:

A grumpy pug.

Photo: Emily Kavanag

You Cannot. Find. That. File. On. Your Computer. Anywhere:

A dog on a laptop.

Photo: Katie Boswel

When you’re caught doing something dumb:

A cat lying in some drawers.

Photo: Katherine Jane

When you’re sick of people tweeting:

Baby chicks begging for food.

Photo: Messua Wolf

When others look down on you:

A sad looking bulldog puppy.

Photo: Carly Fitc

When you’re just GOING ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS and then a SURFER suddenly GRABS you and you’re like ‘DUDE! What the hell?’

A surfer carrying a pigeon.

Photo: Sophie Richter-Menda

And you’re feeling pretty washed out:

A cute dog being given a bath.

Photo: Daisy Chapman-Chamberlai

And you’ve just got no idea what’s even going on any more:

A Highland cow looking crazy.

Photo: Sally Johnston

Remember, these two are concerned for your wellbeing!

Two beautiful cats that are friends.

Photo: Carlos Rodrígue

And this little guy knows what you’re going though.

A guinea pig.

Photo: Darren Forema

The animals have an important message to deliver.

Strange looking sheep with spotty faces, in formation.

Photo: Diane Nichol


Two otters hugging.

Photo: Mark Spoke

Put on your best cravat.

A dog wearing a neckerchief.

Photo: Louise Hutching

And your bad-ass shades.

A dog wearing sunglasses.

Photo: Martin O’Reill

Grab life by the ball.

A dog trying to catch a ball.

Photo: Greg Jackso

Spread your wings and fly.

A pigeon in flight, taking off.

Photo: Chris Wilso

Tell the world to bow down in your greatness.

A dog looking proud on a chair.

Photo: Nuria Citoul

You’re fabulous.

A peacock's tail.

Photo: Carrie-Anne Brow

You’re foxy.

A baby fox cub on some steps.

Photo: J Fromagea

And though life isn’t always fair:

A lonely dog at a funfair.

Photo: Krzysztof Frankiewic

If you eat your greens:

A guinea pig and a parsely leaf.

Photo: Timea Domonko

Rise above the pettiness: 

A dog taking his man-balloon for a walk.

Photo: Charlie Gree

And be a lover not a hater:

Two swans making a heart shape with their necks.

Photo: Janelle Eslinge

The fruits of your labour will be yours.

A chipmunk eating a piece of fruit at London Zoo.

Photo: Oliver Livic

 So put it there, partner:

A cool cat in bed.

Photo: Kristle Corbet

Let’s do this!

A cat who is just going "WHEEEEEEEEE I'M A CAT!"Photo: Joe Passmore

Thanks, animals! And thanks to everyone who shared their photos.

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