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Discover our weird and wonderful city with Fortean London Society

Posted at 5:15 pm, September 25, 2013 in Fun London, Secret London

London is full of ghosts and hidden secrets. If you’re convinced you heard some distant screams in Bleeding Heart Yard or the eerie footsteps of the past following you home in Greenwich foot tunnel then perhaps you should talk to some forteans. The London Fortean society, who promote open-minded yet sceptical discussion of paranormal and cultural phenomena, are hosting four interesting speakers who will be discussing some of the weird and wonderful aspects of London. At 8pm on September 26, head upstairs at at The Bell pub and listen to Graveyard expert Rob Stephenson reveal London’s long-forgotten labyrinths and maze sites, fantasy writer Kate Griffin awe at magic in London, journalist Peter Watts tell the mysterious story of Aleister Crowley’s curse, which ended the career of London pub-rock band Eddie and the Hot Rods, and author Gareth E Rees discuss the warping effect of the inner-city landscape on our sense of time. The evening will open with a monthly round-up of strange news stories and the talks will be followed by a lively Q&A until around 10.30pm. Believers, sceptics and the curious are all welcome at £3 a head (£2 concessions).

For more info go to forteanlondon.blogspot.co.uk

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