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Look in to the future in Shoreditch at FutureFest

Posted at 7:30 pm, September 26, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Technology
Lily Cole

The future is fascinating. Maybe you’ve dreamt about being waited on by house robots and the secret to anti-ageing, or you’re worried about the day the world’s oil supply runs out and all the banks collapse. No one really has the answer, but it’s safe to say that it probably won’t be anything like an episode of ‘Futurama’. However, innovation charity Nesta are helping us take a more educated look ahead with their two-day festival FutureFest, which will explore what the world may be like in the next few decades.

The immersive experience has been curated by musician and author Pat Kane and will take place over September 28 and 29 in Shoreditch Town Hall. The weekend is split into four themes: ‘Well Becoming’ (considering how developments in bioscience and healthcare will affect our bodies and our idea of life quality), ‘In the Imaginarium’ (exploring how technology will change culture and society) ‘We are all Gardeners Now’ (asking how human ingenuity can manage effects of climate change) and ‘The Value of Everything’ (considering how technology challenges our ideas of property, identity and creativity).

From the uplifting to the more dystopian explorations, there’s a whole roster of speakers, participants, performers and secret agents taking part in the four half-day sessions which are priced at £36. Highlight speakers include: ‘The Giant’ author Nick Harkaway, political scientists Diane Coyle and David Runciman, founder of Iceland’s Pirate Party and WikiLeaks worker Smari McCarthy, forecaster Tamar Kasriel and social entrepreneur and model Lily Cole. Comedian Robin Ince will also be chairing the Sci-Fi Parliament, and food futurologist Morgaine Gaye will be preparing Sunday dinner with a futuristic twist. 

For the full programme and to book your ticket go to futurefest.org.

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