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How our trip to the ‘Big Brother’ house led to a drunken brawl with ex-housemates in a railway car park. Oh, and the police being called…

Posted at 6:30 pm, September 27, 2013 in Fun London, TV

Last night a few of my fellow Time Outers and I took a trip to scenic Elstree & Borehamwood to a National Trust opening of the Big Brother house for tours. Even if you claim to never have watched the show (YOU LIAR), you’ll probably be able to recall some screechy fracas that happened within those chipboard walls. So of course, after trekking to the notorious TV studio where nobodies are turned into nobodies with big egos, we wanted to witness some first-hand drama between Z-list celebs. And our wishes came true. A tad too true.

I’ll show you the photos of us titting around in the BB house very shortly, but let’s just cut to the chase now: at the end of the night we were confronted by a drunk, aggro ex-‘Big Brother’ housemate and involved in a mass contestant ruckus in Elstree & Borehamwood station while we waited for our train home (yes, you are reading that right). Read on to find out what happened…

It all started off in an extremely civilised fashion with a talk from the National Trust’s very eloquent Ivo Dawnay (London Director) about why the house is a national treasure. 


The wine flowed and flocks of ex BB contestants and reality TV stars swarmed around the house and garden.

Much to our chagrin, the hot tub was not open for business.


Luckily the diary room was!

photo 2[1]

FYI this is the same ‘Big Brother’ to which contestants pour their hearts out when they are in the diary room! Less spectacular than hoped.


We met some of our favourite ex-housemates. HI NIKKI!

photo 2[2]

And raided the fancy dress storeroom:

photo 3[1]   

We even got in the bath.

photo 4[1] 

And soon it was time for us to be be evicted. 


But the fun doesn’t end there. It was all just getting started. As everyone got more pissed, some ex-housemates aired their beefs loudly, drunkenly and with lots of pointing.
 photo 1[1]

Security even had to keep the peace by watching over the squabbling.
 Big Brother House

But this time the drama wasn’t restricted to the Big Bro house. Oh no.

The doors were unlocked and the fevered mood continued all the way to the train station.

As we sat waiting for the next train back to civilisation, some ex-BB housemates continued to drunkenly bicker (not all the ones in the above photos, by the way, super sleuths). We’d also knocked back a good few glasses of vino and so thought it might be a good idea to film the classic BB drama unfolding before our very eyes. It was at this point that we soon became the focus of their pissed rage and a brawl ensued where our offending phone was smashed against the ground! Before we knew it, we were accidentally in an episode of real life ‘Big Brother’ – except this time there were no cameras (apart from our broken one) and no security guards. Still, a few of the ex-housemates gave it their best shot at recreating the drama they were missing now their 15 minutes in the spotlight were over.


(blurred to prevent lawsuits!)

The police were called by a member of the public and the whole thing was soon dispersed – with only a few bruises to prove that it ever happened.


Ever hear someone saying that they really wish they could’ve been on ‘Big Brother’? Tell them from us that it’s not a good idea.

This weekend’s tours of the ‘Big Brother’ house are now totally sold out (and won’t include any ex-BB

For more trashy fun, head to channel5.com/bigbrother or for more civilised good times, go to nationaltrust.org.uk.

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