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Discover your local street art Rothko painting

Posted at 8:00 am, October 2, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, Secret London

Recent Camberwell graduate Daniel Ginns has a rare eye for beauty. While most of us walk past walls where graffiti has been roughly painted over using completely the wrong colour, thinking ‘they’ve botched that paint job, they have’, Londoner Ginns sees ‘free-floating geometric shapes’ that are reminiscent of abstract expressionist painter Mark Rothko. It’s like Ginns is metaphorically sticking his middle finger up at the wankers who tried to cover-up street art by showing them they’ve actually created another piece of art in the process. By demonstrating how it’s possible to find beauty, even in somebody’s half arsed paint job, Ginns’s photography series, ‘Rothko Walls’ makes even the grimmer parts of London seem brighter. Keep your eyes peeled and this could make your walk home a lot more cultured. Millie Walton

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