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London Review Bookshop celebrates its 10th birthday

Posted at 1:30 pm, October 3, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Shopping & Style
London Review Bookshop

Alan Bennett loves it, Will Self loves it, Don Paterson and Hilary Mantel love it, and of course Time Out adores the place too. The London Review Bookshop is 10 years old today, and if you haven’t already visited, then it’s about time you did. LRB opened back in 2003 in Bury Place, and with the support of Alan Bennett, the enthusiasm of the publishing community and the praise of the media, the independent shop has fought hard against the looming threat of tax-dodging online retailers and big chain bookstores.

Unlike the dreary experience of trudging around a book shop to pick between EL James describing ‘kinky’ sex or Stephanie Meyer depicting vampire ‘sex’, LRB prides itself on ignoring hype and instead championing small publishers and lesser-known titles based solely on their quality. Since 2007, the bookworm’s haven has been accompanied by the deliciously stylish interior and acclaimed eating of the Review Cake Shop next door. Heading into a new decade, the shop is soon to launch a brand new site where you can listen to talks that international authors have held in the shop. Ally Swadling

Be sure to check out the events for the anniversary at lrbshop.co.uk/events.

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