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Is this what Tube trains will look like in the future?

Posted at 4:15 pm, October 8, 2013 in Transport
Neue Ausstellung im Crystal in London - "Going underground: Our journey to the future" / New exhibition at the Crystal - "Going underground: Our journey to the future"

We’ve all spent many a Tube journey staring blankly at advertising plastered across the walls. You may even have a little smirk at some well-placed chewing gum on that annoyingly happy-looking person’s face. Either way, the walls of the Underground are usually quite a good place to find out what’s going on (other than Time Out, obvs). So as part of the 150th anniversary celebrations of the Underground, Siemens, in association with CBS Outdoor, are looking into the future of advertising on the Tube with their exhibition, ‘Going Underground: Our journey to the future’. You can visit for free from October 8 at The Crystal in Royal Victoria Docks, where the show will be open for the next three months.

The showcase will explore the ways advertising will become more interactive in the future, like the wayfinding apps (already huge on the New York subway) that allow you to download discount vouchers for nearby places. You can even download an app to help guide you around the techy exhibition. At the centre of all this, there will also be a full size mock-up of a brand new concept metro train—the Siemens Inspiro—designed to be 30 percent more energy efficient and 20 percent lighter and with full air con (yes!). If you’re techy and like the Tube, this one’s for you.

For more detail visit siemens.com/tube150

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