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Pull out all the stops: four tips for becoming a Tube record breaker

Posted at 1:00 pm, October 8, 2013 in News, Transport
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London has risen to new sporting heights. We told you last week that Geoff Marshall, 41, and Anthony Smith, 28, from Ealing broke the Guinness World Record for time taken to visit every Underground station via Tube, on foot and other forms of public transport: 270 in 16 hours, 20 minutes and 27 seconds, breaking the old record by nine minutes.

Feel like you could do better? Here are four things you’ll have to do if you want to mount your own challenge…

You have to block up your bum
‘I took two Imodium, so no “sitdown” moments were required,’ says Geoff. ‘If you really get caught short, a plastic bottle is required.’

You need to do the equivalent of a 12km overground run
The Tube isn’t always the quickest way between stations. So mad street dashes are required.

You need to know which carriage doors to use for the fastest exit
Geoff visited every station, drew 3D maps and then created a bespoke app.

You need your own mission control
Geoff’s friend Kirk was in contact via walkie-talkie, crunching timetables on software he invented especially. How does it work? ‘It’s a secret,’ he says. ‘We don’t want anyone else finding the optimum route!’

For more on Geoff’s Tube trek see tubeworldrecord.co.uk.

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