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40 reasons autumn is the greatest season ever

Posted at 3:00 pm, October 20, 2013 in Fun London
Autumn in London

Well, that’s it folks. The winter coats are coming out and your morning coffee bill is rising steadily which can only lead to one conclusion, autumn has arrived. But before you crack out the S.A.D lamps, we have 40 reasons why autumn is the best season…

1. The trees look really pretty:

Greenwich Park (c) pic fix

2. The ground is positively gleaming:

Autum leaves (c) ciccibumm

3. And everything gets a bit more atmospheric:

(c) ciccibumm

4. There are leaves to kick:

Kicking leaves (c) nthnc

5. And jump into:

Jumping into leaves

6. Plus conkers to smash:

(c) miadaisy_

7. And plenty of rain, too (the best weather ever, remember?):


8. Rain = wet leaves = delayed trains = uh, longer to enjoy your copy of Time Out magazine?

Monorail cat delays

9. It’s gonna get crisp:

Autumn Millenium Bridge (c: davebass5)

10. Mornings will be golden:

A misty Autumn morning over the Thames. (c) photobernard

11. And you know it’ll be misty:

Misty Big Ben. (c) Aigars Mahinovs

12. And when there’s fog, you’ll feel more like Sherlock Holmes:

13. Or like you’re in Wuthering Heights:

Noel Fielding Wuthering Heights

14. And with cold weather comes the excuse for hot drinks like pumpkin spiced lattes:

Pumpkin Spiced Latte (c) Jeff Hester

15. Hot cocktails:

Hot cocktail

16. In fact, just warm alcohol in general:

Irish coffee

17. Or just a great excuse for that extra cup of coffee:

hot drink

18. Food? We’re talking hearty soups:

James Brown Miso Soup

19. Slow-cooked stews:

Home cooking

20. And hot puddings:

Did someone say pudding?

21.  So pack away the short shorts and get out your woolly hats:

(c) bear-ears

22: (Even cats like hats)

Chic kitty

23. Get cosy with a onesie (direction):

(c) xposurephotos

24. Climb under that duvet:


25. With hot water bottles for extra comfort:

hot water bottle

26. And slankets for the sofa:

Liz Lemon Slanket

27. Enjoy a little Homeland:


28. Alright, we mean X-Factor:

Gary Barlow on X Factor.

29. Or Strictly, of course:

Strictly Come Dancing

30. Because after all, it is a great excuse to stay in (just don’t tell our editor we said so):

(c) Tom Harpel

31. And have a candlelit bath:

romantic bath

32. But it’s a great excuse to cuddle up on a date too:

Greenwich One Tree Hill

33: Then head over to a Halloween party:


34: In a ridiculous, “sexy” costume of your choice:

Sexy Big Bird. WTF?

35: (Though we won’t be accountable for the consequences):

Vomiting pumpkin.

36. Then remember, remember the fifth of November:

Bonfire night.

37. Gunpowder, treason and… oooooh, ahhhhh:


38. And after that, well, it’ll almost be Christmas:


39. So things may seem dark after 94 days of summer, but there’s always something to look forward to:

500 Days of Summer 500 Days of Summer

40. And whatever you most want to enjoy this autumn, you can spend a whole extra hour doing it when the clocks go back:

The clocks go back.

So enjoy! Carly-Ann Clements

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