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Get ready for the #GBBO final by reliving the worst bakes of the series

Posted at 7:30 pm, October 22, 2013 in Food & Drink, TV
Great British Bake Off

‘Great British Bake Off’ fans; you have just four hours until you find out who is this year’s Great British Baker. So put down the flour, brush off the excess sugar and get a steaming cup of tea with a side of all the cake and get ready for the nerve-wrecking final that will crown either Kimberly, Ruby or Frances as Britain’s best home baker.

But before we can discover who the winner is, we should have a look at the series’ losers. Here are the biggest, heart-wrenching disasters from each episode:

Episode One

Great British Bake Off disasters

Poor Toby had a shocker of a week… the first week. Though he was our favourite (he would have made great TV), he cut himself and salted his tin and left Paul and Mary with a dry, tasteless cake.

Great British Bake Off disasters

Episode Two

Great British Bake Off disasters

It may not have technically been the worst bake nor earned expulsion from the tent but Mark’s ‘slug’ and garlic plait certainly didn’t inspire us to chow down on the grim loaf in bread week.

Episode Three

Great British Bake Off disasters

It could be argued that Mark was the worst – these meringue islands all looked a bit more like hair balls than clouds of delight.

Episode Four

Screen Shot 2013-10-22 at 17.39.32

This may not be the worst of the week, we thought this confused bake deserves a mention as we still aren’t sure exactly what it is…

Great British Bake Off disasters

While we would like to give Rob’s angular pastry the medal for worst bake of the week, unfortunately it goes to Ali’s custard tarts, which left him with egg on his face at the end of the episode.

Episode Five

Great British Bake Off disasters

Runner-up for disaster of the week is Howard with his floppy, bendy, altogether wrong tuiles… you could clean your kitchen with that.

Great British Bake Off disasters

But the winner has to be the disappointing Darlek made by Rob. Although it resembled the most terrifying ‘Doctor Who’ nemesis, the glue along with the the bizarre construction just made it… disastrous.

Episode Six

Great British Bake Off disasters

Glenn’s Sticky Caramel Kannelbullen didn’t just stick to the tin leaving an unravelled mess but he used too much cinnamon and didn’t taste before serving… you broke the cardinal sin of cooking there, my friend. Luckily, Howard’s pretty buns were tasteless and Glenn avoided being sent home.

Episode Seven

Great British Bake Off disasters Great British Bake Off disasters

Oh Glenn. Glenn Glenn Glenn. For pastry week, Glenn decided to use an experimental pastry that was a lot more rough than puff. No wonder poor old Glenn was sent home this week, although we will always remember the words he uttered before judging: ‘They should be enough to keep me in’.

Episode Eight


Without having a taste, nothing seemed to go drastically wrong this week, except for a historian saying ‘we was…’ and making us deeply sad.

Episode Nine

Great British Bake Off disasters

Although Ruby may have survived week eight, her brain pudding should have been beaten to death like an extra on ‘The Walking Dead’. Ruby knew she was defeated by the mutant brain and lost all confidence for the show stopper but her quaint, sometimes annoying charm kept her in for the final.

So with that, we wish the finalists luck and look forward to many more of Ruby’s faces… well, for one last time at least. Carly-Ann Clements

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