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It’s not over until I say it’s over: five ways to keep feeding your Breaking Bad addiction

Posted at 4:15 pm, October 25, 2013 in TV
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It’s been 25 long, lonely days since Breaking Bad came to an end. If you’re jonesing for some more of that sweet crystal, here are five ideas to slake your thirst:


Breaking Bad, Lucky Chip, Sebright Arms

If you love puns as much as you love the Bad, head to the Sebright Arms on Hackney Road for Lucky Chip’s Bad-themed menu, until Sunday Oct 27. But that’s not all! They’re throwing a Breaking Bad Party this Saturday Oct 26, promising DJs, “methical cocktails” and Hank’s Schraderbrau on tap. Dress up as a character, and if your get-up is the baddest you’ll win free burgers for a year! Not bad.


The Monarch Pub in Camden hosts new rounds of their Breaking Bad Quiz on November 5 ( sold out) and Dec 3 at 7.30pm. There’s no funny business, just straight up killer trivia on the show’s events and the making of. Suggested team names: “Quiztal Meth.” “Guessie Thinkman.” Bring your A-Game and you too could declare:

i won

You’ll need to register by emailing bookabooth@monarchbar.com. Maximum team size is six.

Breaking bad register this


Breaking Bad Game

Kiss your afternoon goodbye and click your way to a Heisenberg-sized meth empire in this free-to-play game. Click click click click…


Breaking Bad cocktail recipe: The Heisenberg - Mark's Bar

As invented by Mark’s Bar, Soho:

30ml mescal anejo
80ml calle 23 anejo
20ml maraschino cherry liqueur
40ml lime juice
2 dash of lavender essence
25ml sugar syrup
20ml blue curacao

Served in a science beaker, pour the contents of the beaker into two mini coupes, serve on a wooden board with blue sherbet on the side as a garnish.

Yeah, science!


Because you can’t put a Netflix subscription on your bookshelf, the complete series box set on DVD & Blu-Ray is REDONKULOUS:

Breaking Bad complete series DVD/Blu-Ray box set

18 discs? 55 hours (!) of special features? A “challenge” coin? A FREAKING APRON? This is one deluxe edition that’s got us over a barrel. (On sale from Nov 26, £123.)

Or how about a stylish print of this infographic from Nathan Peters, depicting every single one of Walter White’s outfits?

Breaking Bad: Every Walter White Costume

$15 USD – $49 from Society 6.

And although this one-off, freakily realistic Walter White mask sold on eBay for $41,400:

Walter White Mask

…this Heisenberg throw pillow will spruce up even the tiredest of sofas:

Walter White throw pillow

$20 – $35 on Society 6.

We know what we’re asking Santa for this year.

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