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Doors of Doom: trick-or-treating grows up (a bit)

Posted at 1:15 pm, October 27, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London

You may miss it, but now that you’re a real, fully-grown human being, you’re not really allowed to go knocking on doors and begging for sweeties. However, the company behind animal onesies, Kigu, are making trick-or-treating all grown up with their event ‘Doors of Doom: Trick or Treat Trail of Terror’.

On October 31, your team will be armed with just a map as you take a trick or treat tour of E1’s most haunted corners, where you’ll have to find cunningly concealed Doors of Doom. Behind each door there will be a trick or a treat, and when all the doors have been opened, you’ll find the biggest treat of all – the location of the Halloween After-Party where you can party until the early hours, fuelled by your refillable bucket of appropriately ominous-sounding ‘Witch’s (Special) Brew’. You don’t have to own a onesie, but fancy dress is a must.

Tickets go on sale for a fiver from Monday October 14 at kigu.co.uk.

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