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Scratch and snitch: Crimestoppers’ scratchcard sniffs out cannabis growers

Posted at 11:30 am, October 27, 2013 in News
© West Midlands Police

Following a similar successful campaign in the Netherlands, Crimestoppers UK issued 200,000 scratch and sniff cards to houses around the country back in March. The campaign was designed to help people sniff out cannabis farms being grown in their area. At the time we were mildly sceptical about the whole idea but now we’re eating our words as apparently in the three months following the start of the campaign, police saw an increase of 28% on cases reported compared to the same period in 2012, with 3,500 pieces of information being voluntarily offered up by the the public. That’s a lot of smelling and snitching. Using the information generated, the London Metropolitan Police alone seized more than £2.1m worth of the drug and closed down 34 cannabis factories. So if you see anyone sniffing around your garden, they might be on the hunt for your stash!

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