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The Twin Peaks Festival returns… and this time there are props

Posted at 8:00 am, October 28, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London
Twin Peaks.

The annual Twin Peaks festival at Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios started out as a risky proposition – would telly geeks really flock to celebrate a weird, long-dead show, however brilliant and influential? But with David Lynch’s era-defining series back in the public imagination thanks to re-runs and tributes, this year’s eye-popping all-dayer on Nov 30 should sell out fast.

The special guests include the series’ smokinest pinup Madchen Amick, aka diner waitress and vengeful wife Shelley Johnson; Ian Buchanan who played smarmy sport-coat wearer Dick Tremayne; and the return of the lovely Charlotte Stewart, who played Betty Briggs in the show but is perhaps more recognisable as Mary X, the terrified mother in David Lynch’s debut ‘Eraserhead’.

There’ll also be head-spinning live cabaret from the legendary Double R Club, a chance to check out Lynch’s latest LP, a screening of his experimental thriller ‘Lost Highway‘ and of course lashings of coffee and donuts. For the first time, there’ll also be a charity auction in which props from the show – including an amazing ‘Have You Seen This Man?’ poster featuring the terrifying Killer Bob – will be flogged off to the highest bidder. We’ll be there, front and centre.

See here for tickets and more info.

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