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Look for Longer 2: the addictive tube station naming game is back

Posted at 1:15 pm, October 31, 2013 in Fun London, Transport
Look for Longer 2

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Last year CBS’s work.shop.play. presented Londoner’s with the ultimate commuting game. Their addictive ‘Look For Longer‘ posters, which were plastered all over the capital’s Tube platforms (and hosted on their website), asked passengers to decipher the names of 75 London Underground stations by using only picture clues, and then submit their answers on the internet. For those not familiar with the ‘Look For Longer’ quiz, the sort of clues featured on last autumn’s poster included a picture of Barbie and Ken standing side by side, which represented Barbican (Barbie + Ken = Barbican, get it?). A lamb sat in a bath tub? Well, that represented Lambeth North, obviously!


For those who were hooked on the game for weeks: firstly, we really hope that your friends and family have forgiven you for all those hours spent staring at the poster, relentlessly trying to remember Tube stops on the Central Line. Secondly, you’ll be stupidly excited to hear that the campaign is back for a second run.

This time, however, the punmasters at work.shop.play. laid their pens to rest and asked Londoners for their suggestions as to what include in ‘Look For Longer’ round 2. Ok, we’ll admit it – we might have submitted a few ideas* (see above). We know they’re not great, but they should  warm you up nicely for guessing the 100 clues hidden in the new image. Good luck getting anything done in the next few days. Liz Darke

Say goodbye to your afternoon and start guessing now at lookforlonger.com. You’ve got until December 15 to submit your answers. 

*Answers: ˙ƃuᴉʞɹɐq ‘ʞɐO lɐʎoɹ ‘uǝpɹɐפ ʍǝʞ ‘ǝuɐ˥ ɹǝƃuɐH

(Ed. One of Liz’s brilliant suggestions was included in the game! Keep an eye out for her cryptic clue…)

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