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Five things in London that David Shrigley gives the thumbs up

Posted at 8:00 am, November 11, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, Top 5
David Shrigley

We asked artist David Shrigley how to make London a better place and here’s what he said:

‘There currently seems to be a worrying trend for things being bad: The economy; the weather; society, etc. This is obviously a trend that needs to be reversed. I think my giant thumbs up would become a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy: If things are identified as being good then therefore they become good and everything will get better.

‘In this way it is my hope that this Fourth Plinth artwork would make Trafalgar Square, London, the UK and the World a better place. And it would be quite a cost-effective way of doing it.’


1. People NOT removing and selling walls that happen to have Banksy’s artwork on them. I don’t think it was Banksy’s intention that London be destroyed on account of his artwork.

2. That the security staff at Heathrow Airport be a bit less horrible. They should send them to Narita Airport in Tokyo and show them how they deal with people there. They bow to you after they have checked your luggage. Yes: THEY BOW!

3. That they find a way to make cycling in London less dangerous. I wince from my taxi when I see them weaving through the cars. It’s probably safer to share hypodermic needles than it is to cycle in this town.

4. That people who wear cravats should not be allowed east of London Bridge. If you’re going to wear a cravat and yellow corduroy trousers you should stay in Chelsea where you belong.

5. Free Oyster cards for the unemployed and those on a low wage. I think that would be really good. David Shrigley

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