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Kilburn resident’s door broken down after cat dials 999

Posted at 6:15 pm, November 17, 2013 in News
Kitten dials 999

Plenty of Londoners waste the emergency services’ time. Hell, some of them even put their penises into toasters. But by our estimation, a kitten from Kilburn’s probably the first moggy to do it. According to the Camden New Journal, as the cat’s owner nipped to the shops, their pet somehow dialled 999. When a squadron of coppers turned up to find no-one answering the door, they decided to do the only sensible thing: they bashed it in. Thus, 33 year-old sound engineer James Cocksedge got home to find his flat minus a door, an infestation of po-po and his cat hiding under a pile of clothes in the wardrobe.

‘I didn’t tell him off,’ said Cocksedge, who realised what must have happened based on his cat’s habit of jumping all over the phone. ‘I couldn’t. He already looked so ashamed of himself. He got himself into this situation and then didn’t know what to do, so he just hid.’

The best thing about the whole tale, though? The cat’s name is Bruce Lee. Which just makes the whole thing that bit more hilarious.

‘Bruce Lee is still in shock,’ added Mr Cocksedge. ‘We’ve been cuddling him, rubbing his belly, prodding him, throwing his favourite balls so he can fetch them. He likes that. But we’ve also started to unplug the phone when we’re out. He’s got a cheeky side to him, and he might do it again, although he’d be silly to.’

Want an idea of how it might have happened? Watch Bruce Lee playing fetchAlexi Duggins

Note: the kitten above is NOT the prank caller, just another cuddly phone fan. 

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