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Is this the crappest PR stunt of the year?

Posted at 2:30 pm, November 18, 2013 in Fun London
McCain Ready Baked Jacket Potato taxi

No, that’s not just a shonky replica of a potato plonked upon a taxi. What you’re looking at there is in fact ‘the world’s first jacket potato scented taxi’ according to McCain, who apparently employed a team of ‘potato experts’ to use their ‘specialist knowledge’ to make the inside of the vehicle both smell like a café and belch potato fumes out into the street as it drove around the city last week, before setting off around the country. Most excitingly of all, though, apparently it was specially ‘adapted inside to house the cooking facilities needed for the perfect McCain Ready Baked Jacket’. Or, we suspect, something most of us would call ‘a microwave’.

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