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Iggyfest at the ICA: five life lessons from Iggy Pop

Posted at 10:00 am, November 21, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Fun London, Music & Nightlife
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Remember those days when Iggy Pop was a bit of a stone cold fox? Bet you do. Even if it’s not totally acceptable to openly lust for Iggz anymore, we continue to love the musician and revel in his cultural legacy, which is what the ICA have invited you to do at Iggyfest on November 22 and 23. In preparation for the two-day fiesta (comprising live music, film screenings, talks, DJ sets and ‘Iggyoke’) we thought we’d commemorate the leatherette punk rock legend by reminding you of some important lessons the man has taught us.

1. There’s nothing wrong with flying solo

Even without the Stooges, Iggy continued to be successful and his music was mega. From ‘Trainspotting‘ to cruise liner ads, you’ll be hearing ‘Lust for Life’ for many years to come.

2. Having said that, choose your friends wisely

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Like David Bowie and Lou Reed for example. Iggy owes a lot to his fellow party revellers, and collaborated with both Bowie and Reed during the ‘70s to produce legendary albums like ‘Lust for Life’ and ‘The Idiot’.

3. Modesty and old age don’t always go hand in hand

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Whatever you think of him now, Iggy used to be super fly. You can’t really blame him for still keeping his shirt off, even if he is 66. Now rid yourself of your prejudices and you’ll see beneath the gravity-worn skin the memory of some once sturdy abs.

4. The most rock ‘n’ roll way to sell yourself out is for your embarrassing advert to get banned

We’re used to this woeful tale of punk gods selling out to flog us butter and car insurance. However, when Iggy’s original ad campaign for Swiftcover (above) shamefully hit our screens in 2009, it was subsequently banned by the Advertising Standards Authority. Sadly, this isn’t as rock ‘n’ roll as it sounds. The ad was taken off air for being misleading, as Iggy wouldn’t be eligible for cover himself, as the policy he was advertising didn’t cover people working in the entertainment industry. The company then altered their policy due to the increase of sales from the Iggy campaign. He sadly did more ads for them. Sigh.

5. Learn to laugh at yourself

To promote Iggy and the Stooges’ new album ‘Ready To Die‘, the good hearted Iggy mocked his sell-out status (see life lesson four) in the above album ad by complaining about the loss of his integrity in being stuck with a record label. El-oh-el. But let’s be real, if your music is mint, you’re loaded and have a fucking cool name, why care what anyone thinks? Ally Swadling

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