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Emirates Air Line cable car fails to take off as number of ‘regular’ passengers drops to four a week

Posted at 5:00 pm, November 22, 2013 in News, Transport
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Last year we took a ride on the Emirates Air Line cable car, the UK’s first urban sky line. The cable car, which runs across the Thames from Greenwich Peninsula to Royal Victoria Docks, was created with the dual purpose of serving as an alternative to the ever-crowded tube and offering a unique way to view London. The brief crossing is marketed as an Emirates ‘flight’, with tickets being sold as boarding passes. It seems, however, that the cable car hasn’t really taken off (excuse the pun).

Although 3.1 million passengers have used the cable car since it opened in 2012, it’s popularity has dwindled. Figures have been released showing that only 6,266 trips were made on Saturday October 19, a significant drop from 16,180 on the same day last year. It’s also been revealed that those using the cable car more than five times a week – during a particular week in October – has dropped from a meagre 16 to a frankly embarrassing four. Danny Price, TfL’s head of the Emirates Air Line cable car, hopes that use will increase with the development of London’s Royal Albert Dock.

Boarding passes can be purchased from emiratesairline.co.uk

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