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Introducing: the world in 2018 at Zurich’s Future History Now campaign

Posted at 2:30 pm, November 22, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
Future History Now

Close your eyes and imagine the world in 2018. If you’re picturing flying cars, hoverboards and robot sex, open your eyes and start again because we’ve got some serious business to attend to here. From the future of climate science to antibiotics resistance and the potential for 3D printing of organs, some big changes – and big challenges – are coming our way over the next five years.

Such topics will be at the heart of two future-gazing nights of short talks coming up on November 28 and December 3, both part of Zurich’s Future History Now campaign. Speakers include the likes of tech expert Aleks Krotoski on the risks of social media, environmentalist Jonathon Porritt on rapid population growth and broadcaster Adam Rutherford on the strange new world of personal genomics. There’s also David Blake, the head of technology for the British Antarctic Survey on the work being done by British scientists at the extraordinary Halley VI and what it’s like working in an office surrounded by penguins. These sneak previews of a not-so-distant future are completely free. The future seems brighter already.

The Future History Now talks take place on November 28 and December 3 at the Hallam Centre in Marylebone. Tickets are free and available on a limited basis from futurehistorynow.com

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