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10 ways to get fit in London (without knowing it)

Posted at 10:15 am, November 23, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
Nike Fuelband SE © Matt Chung

The term ‘exercise’ is rarely associated with the idea of fun. But what about ‘doing lots of cool stuff in London while accidentally burning calories’? Yep, we’re far more into that. To see how fit you can get from just going out and having fun, a team of Time Outers have been wearing the Nike+ Fuel Band SE and seeing how much Fuel they can earn by just doing ace cultural stuff around town. Here’s what we’ve discovered:

Paul Klee at Tate Modern
Michael Hodges, Executive Editor
‘I went to see the new Making Visible exhibition at Tate Modern (on until March 9). Klee was one of the most significant figures in European modernism. I followed a fascinating tour guided by Time Out’s very own Martin Coomer (as part of the exhibition’s opening), which was a great way of stretching my legs and stretching my mind at the same time.’
Duration: 60 mins
NikeFuel: 322


Laura Lee Davies, Senior Contributing Editor
‘Unless you have tickets at the front, most gigs at The O2 arena start with a climb up to the towering balconies, but for Vampire Weekend we were in the stalls – not too much NikeFuel earned finding our seats, then. Luckily their most recent album, ‘Modern Vampires of the City’, is a winner, plenty of upbeat litero-pop to get you moving.’
Duration: 1 hr 30 min
NikeFuel: 445


Thursday night shopping
Dan Frost, Contributor
‘I walked from work to Seven Dials for Thursday late opening. Earlham Street is great for vintage, indie and designer menswear.’
Duration: 1 hr 30 mins
NikeFuel: 636


Flo Wales Bonner, Contributor
‘I had some good old-fashioned fun with a spot of bowling after work. It was a laugh, despite the fact that my ball skills left a lot to be desired. Checking my FuelBand SE after the session, I was surprised to see that I used so much NikeFuel – must have been all that despairing gesticulation as I watched my ball roll determinedly into the gutter…’
Duration: 1hr
NikeFuel: 638


Wilton’s with mates
Danielle Goldstein, Contributor
‘It’s all very well going to a gym, but it wastes time that could be spent in the pub with friends. That’s what I did this week at Wilton’s Music Hall. I cycled there, and home, and earned almost a full day’s NikeFuel!’
Duration: 6 hrs 43 mins
NikeFuel: 1545


Alexi Duggins, Editor-at-Large
‘I love going to clubs, but it’s great to get behind the decks, too. We run For the Love Of Mic at Concrete in Shoreditch, and the next event is all about Movember – on November 29. Come and show us your ’taches, boys and girls. I was amazed that last Friday I earned so many NikeFuel points. Nice to know that having a good time gets the job done.’
Duration: 4 hrs 30 mins
NikeFuel: 1750


The Drowned Man
Dan Frost, Contributor
‘I’ve been meaning to go to the Punchdrunk show ‘The Drowned Man’ at Temple Studios for weeks – it’s an immersive theatre show and not just sitting in the stalls. I was really surprised at how much NikeFuel I earned – maybe it was the intensity of the experience (it wasn’t very busy, so doubly creepy, and I had several one-on-ones).’
Duration: 2 hrs 10 mins
NikeFuel: 2474


Natural History Museum ice rink
Flo Wales Bonner, Contributor
‘London’s open-air ice rinks have become a winter tradition, with twinkling lights and the waft of hot chocolate on the air. The one at the Natural History Museum (on until Jan 5) is really magical. Most of my initial energy was spent trying not to fall on my bum, but once I got into the swing of it, I was a pro – gliding along like I was dancing on ice. Well, almost!’
Duration: 30 mins
NikeFuel: 310

Hawker House

Street Feast Hawker House
Sonya Barber, Editor Time Out blog
‘I love the Street Feast experiences that have popped up so far in 2013, so I headed off to sample the latest one, Hawker House, last weekend. Running Fridays and Saturdays until December 14, it’s like a great food market but with more buzz and booze. Plus, thankfully for the weather, this one’s indoors! I was there 6.30-11.30m – that’s a LOT of food and drink, which I am sure balanced out the NikeFuel earned, but 600 isn’t bad! I probably got most fuel from going up and down the stairs (from the mezzanine seats down to get more food) and maybe some mild dancing later on in the evening…’
Duration: 5 hrs
NikeFuel: 600

Pub quiz Kings Head Pub

Pub quiz
Laura Lee Davies, Senior Contributing Editor
‘These days a quizmaster has to put on a show, and the host of Harry’s Pub Quiz is one of the best. A kind of stand-up meets DJ, “Harry” hosts a Quizpocalypse at the Landseer N19 (Mon) and Kings Head N8 (Wed), taking pop culture knowledge to ‘Big Bang Theory’ levels of geekdom. A real hoot, with plenty of jumping around for “exercise”.’
Duration: 2 hrs
NikeFuel: 420

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