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‘Twin Peaks’, Pop Art, ‘Kamikaze Girls’ and more cool film events

Posted at 12:30 pm, November 25, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment

As always, there are some fab film events happening in London this week. Here are five of the best:

1. The UK Twin Peaks Festival

The annual Twin Peaks festival at Hammersmith’s Riverside Studios started out as a risky proposition – would telly geeks really flock to celebrate a weird, long-dead show, however brilliant and influential? But with David Lynch’s era-defining series back in the public imagination thanks to re-runs and tributes, this year’s eye-popping all-dayer has been selling fast. The special guests include the series’ smokin’-est pin-up Madchen Amick, aka diner waitress Shelley Johnson; Ian Buchanan who played smarmy sport-coat wearer Dick Tremayne; and the return of the lovely Charlotte Stewart, who played Betty Briggs in the show but is perhaps more recognisable as Mary X in Lynch’s debut film ‘Eraserhead’. There’ll also be head-spinning live cabaret from the legendary Double R Club, a chance to check out Lynch’s latest LP, a screening of his experimental thriller ‘Lost Highway‘ and of course lashings of coffee and donuts. We’ll be there, front and centre. This event is now sold out but there may be returns.

2. Pop: Images of Desire: ‘Forbidden Planet’

To tie in with their new Pop Art exhibition, the Barbican have rounded up an impressive slate of films that reflect the shiny, stylish pop sensibility. Titles range from swinging groundbreakers like ‘Blow-Up’ and ‘Performance’ to a handful of sci-fi classics that projected Pop Art into pristine possible futures: Jean-Luc Godard’s ‘Alphaville’, Stanley Kubrick’s ‘2001’ and this wondrous slice of literate strangeness. A loose adaptation of Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’, the film stars Leslie Nielsen (back when he was a straight man) as the starship captain who stumbles across a distant world filled with servile robots, short-skirted damsels and terrifying ‘creatures from the id’. Barbican Centre, Silk St, EC2Y 8DS. 2pm, Sun Dec 1 – £11.50, £10.50 concs.

3. Enchanted Pictures: ‘Annie Hall’

The Everyman Cinemas chain lead up to Christmas with a quality programme of classics and favourites at the Royal Academy – think a summer outdoor pop-up, only indoors and in winter. Films range from recent-ish hits – ‘The Great Gatbsy’, ‘Moulin Rouge!’ – to festive favourites – ‘Home Alone’, ‘Trading Places’ – to a handful of old-school classics, including ‘Casablanca’, ‘Some Like It Hot’ and Woody Allen’s Best Picture-winning neurotic romantic masterpiece. Royal Academy, 6 Burlington Gardens, W1S 3ET. 6.30pm, Thu Nov 28 – £22.

4. Haringey Independent: ‘Cathy Come Home’

Ken Loach’s iconic, game-changing teleplay – originally aired on the BBC in 1966 – plays as part of the Haringey International Film Festival, taking place this week at various venues across the borough. ‘Cathy Come Home’, the story of a working class couple whose lives descend into abject poverty and homelessness, was a cause celebre in its day – the BBC’s phone banks lit up, charities were formed, and the film was even discussed in parliament. It could be argued that Loach has never quite managed to match its ferocious immediacy in five decades of filmmaking. Park View School, West Green Road, N15 3RB. 7pm, Thu Nov 28 – donations only.

5. True Images Tall Stories: ‘Kamikaze Girls’

Japanese writer-director Tetsuya Nakashima has dropped out of sight in the past few years – following jawdropping melodrama ‘Memories of Matsuko’ and global hit high-school murder tale ‘Confessions’. He’s been taking a (presumably much needed) break, before unleashing his new film ‘Kawaki’ next year. 2004’s ‘Kamikaze Girls’ was the film that broke Nakashima worldwide, an absurd, inventive, day-glo tale of no-bullshit females in baby-doll outfits and the snarling motorbike gangsters who love – and consistently underestimate – them. 32 Alfred Place, WC1E 7EB. 7.30pm, Tue Nov 26.

For the full list head to Time Out’s film events page.

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