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The 22nd World Memory Championships come to Croydon

Posted at 8:00 am, November 29, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment
The World Memory Championships

Reckon you could memorise the order of 25 shuffled packs of playing cards in just one hour? Or 4000 binary digits? Well apparently you could, if you just knew the right techniques to remember them. This weekend sees over 30 countries compete in The World Memory Championships at Croydon Town Hall, where these techniques will be put into play.

The championship, which will take place over three days and will test competitors’ ability to accurately recall new information (words, dates, faces, names etc.) within set time limits. Whoever scores the best over the 10 disciplines will claim the title of  the 22nd World Memory Champion. Spectators are welcome and entry is free, you just have to remember to show up.

The 22 World Memory Championships takes place at Croydon Conference Centre, Saturday November 30 (9am) – Monday December 2. More info at worldmemorychampionships.com 

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