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Edam cheese and a parrot: just two of the things that London’s cabbies have been offered as payment

Posted at 1:00 pm, December 4, 2013 in Fun London
Hailo taxi

It’s 4am on a Saturday morning. You’ve spent a questionable amount of cash on Jagerbombs, your feet hurt and you’ve got a craving for a double cheeseburger. It’s probably time to get a cab. So you eventually manage to flag one down and regain enough co-ordination to open the door and get in. You slur your address in the direction of the driver and settle in for the ride.

You’re awoken some time later as the taxi jolts forward, dumping you on the floor in what can only be described as a disgraceful mess. The cabbie announces that you’ve arrived and the fare is £22.50. You reach for your wallet but all you find is thirty 1p coins, a cloak room ticket (for the coat that you suddenly realise you’ve left behind) and a sticky layer of what smells like Midori (although you don’t remember drinking any).

It’s at this moment that you realise you have two choices: 1. Take the cab to an ATM (extending your time away from snacks and increasing your fare). 2. Pay the taxi driver with a frozen turkey. Or 20 bottles of mouth wash. In a recent survey carried out by taxi app Hailo, 500 cab drivers were asked to recount the most unusual offers of payment they had ever received. Read on for the top 20.

1. Scottish Salmon

2. A litre of JD and a pregnancy test

3. A frozen turkey

4. A wok which was won in a Christmas raffle – it made a lovely gift for the drivers wife

5. A wedding ring

6. A brace of pheasants

7. Parrot

8. Loaf of bread and some shirt buttons

9. A collection of bar bills

10. 20 bottles of mouth wash

11. Box of knitting needles

12. Dozen Eggs 3lb sausages

13. Pork joint

14. A sat nav

15. Large Edam cheese

16. Hairbrush and binoculars

17. A prayer

18. Silver cuff links

19. M&S vouchers

20. A bike

NB: It wasn’t stated whether the cab drivers accepted these items as payment.

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