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Sink the Pink launch pop-up clothes shop

Posted at 4:15 pm, December 7, 2013 in Music & Nightlife, Shopping & Style
Sink the Pink

Sink the Pink are pushing the boundaries in further directions with their new venture. The no-holds-barred tranny disco and dress-up jolly is no longer just Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club’s finest tranny cabaret-meets-naked-bears night. It’s now a clothing range, too. Featuring t-shirts of Mickey Mouse penises and giant bananas peeling back to reveal hot pink phalluses, mesh dresses, harlequin-patterned sportswear and water-tight cycling shorts bearing the name of the now-legendary club night, the designs are based on the décor of the club. Glyn and Amy, who are the brains (and legs) behind the all-singing muck-up night have a slight obsession with all things fluoro and 90s, and this shines through. Fans of moody black might not take to this one too easily.

Knitwear is made in collaboration with Jylle Navarro, turbans are crafted by ShopFloorWhore, palm tree Malibu necklaces are created by Gogo Phillip and there is also some handiwork courtesy of Luca, who runs 8DIX. Amy tells us that Luca is ‘the guy who always has his bum out at Sink the Pink, he’s amazzzzing, makes cartoonish nuts s***!’ We remember him as the man who once wore two clothes baskets and nothing else, for an entire night.

Take a peek into this legitimately wacky bunch and grab yourself some of their clothes this week. Sophie Wilkinson

The pop up will be at 61 Redchurch Street, Shoreditch, London E2 7DJ, until Thursday Dec 12. After then, you can get the items from sinkthepinklondon.com

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