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Beyoncé has officially run out of ideas

Posted at 6:12 pm, December 13, 2013 in Music & Nightlife
Beyonce: the Mrs Carter tour

Now, we’re not saying Queen B’s surprise album – which she dropped on her loyal subjects this morning – is a stinker. We’re still mulling it over here at Time Out Towers.

What we have an issue with is its name… ‘Beyoncé’. There’s just something a little flat and dull about artists naming an album after themselves. First album, fine: ‘Led Zepellin’, ‘The B-52s’, ‘The Clash’, ‘Chic’… they’re all debuts that serve as an introductions, and therefore get a free pass. 

But by your fifth album, surely you’ve got more to say for yourself? Album titles can be perfect bullets of brilliance, that resonate far beyond the music. Just hearing the words ‘Fun House’, ‘Different Class’, ‘Whatever People Say I Am, That’s What I’m Not’ or ‘The Queen Is Dead’ give us chills that ‘Supergrass’ by Supergrass never will.

Beyoncé joined a strange club: established artists who disappointingly name albums after themselves (not a snappy title, we know).

Let’s look at some others:

‘Lulu’ by Lulu


She was a sixties icon, sang a Bond Theme, worked with The Beatles AND had hair that radiated through a black and white telly… By 1981, most people had a fair idea who Lulu was.

‘Blur’ by Blur


It was their big leap forward, when Damon left the jingoism and ‘Balzac/Prozac’ rhymes aside and started opening up… Our preffered title: ‘Britpop’s Dead Fools’

‘Barry Manilow’ by Barry Manilow

Barry Manilow

Why does Bazza look so sad? Because he’s run out of album titles, that’s why…

‘Cher’ by Cher


A repeat offender, Cher’s back catalogue boasts not one but TWO albums named after herself. Here she is rueing the day she married a man with the surname Bono.

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