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Want to live the ‘Made in Chelsea’ lifestyle? Here are the bars from season six

Posted at 6:15 pm, December 16, 2013 in Arts & Entertainment, Food & Drink

Made in chelsea season 6

Let’s face it, Made in Chelsea would be totes less adorbs if they had their awk chats in Starbs (Starbucks) or threw drinks at each other in the most ‘offensive’ of drinkeries (any branch of Wetherspoons). The venues of MIC give the decedent backdrop to the show that everyone is watching (or trying to avoid admitting they’re watching). We asked Hire Space’s venue expert Reuben Sagar to give his picks of the best bars and restaurants to be featured so far this season.

Let’s start at the beginning. Episode one kicked off, venue-wise, with Binky and Lucy meeting for a good old ‘boys will be boys’ chat at Smith’s Bar & Grill in Paddington. I hear the chops are good, but the service doesn’t get such a good rep.

Episode two featured a much more exciting array of venues. Most notably an American-Japanese cook-at-your-table type place called Benihana, where Andy practiced the put-out puppy dog face he’s been grooming for most of season six.


Having gone far too long without a large soiree, episode three saw Victoria, (a woman who clearly excels in amateur dramatics) host a theatrical Bollywood-themed party at the polished Piccadilly joint Jewel (above).

Dirty Martini

After-work drinks favourite Dirty Martini, Hanover Square, popped up in episode four, with lothario Spencer discussing betrayal with ponytailed pal Proudlock. Spencer has been behind many a beef this season, one of the more hypocritical of which is with long-time pal Jamie who, in a Spencer-esque move, has gone after one of his bestie’s old flings.

Episode five saw everyone’s favourite sideline character Stevie get put firmly in the friend zone by the object of his affections, Tiff. This unfortunate (we’ve all been there) moment came while making cocktails in speakeasy style bar Reason + Mankind.

Beach Blanket Babylon

Heading back to the stars’ natural stomping ground, episode six features Beach Blanket Babylon, a Notting Hill favourite known for its atmospheric wine cellar area. Nothing much happened.

Our favourite puppy-face Andy got another jolt of bad news in episode seven, when Spencer dropped into MIC regular The Phene to politely let him know that he’d slept with his on-off girlfriend Louise – how sweet! I’m told this is the one venue the stars actually go to when they’re not being filmed.

The Phene, Chelsea

In episode eight, feeling slightly outdone by pal Victoria’s Bollywood Bash, Mark put on a ‘Bach-Day’ (an elegant mix of a birthday and the music of Bach, obviously). The home for this classical carousel was Searcy’s 30 Pavillion Road, a luxurious home used for private dining.

Gilgamesh, Camden

The penultimate episode of the season saw Andy try to get his own back on love rival Spence by taking out his ex Vitala. For his Machiavellian manoeuvre Andy chose the only venue in London with its own escalator, Camden’s Gilgamesh. Be afraid, Spencer…

The finale is tonight, with the spaces included being kept under wraps by all involved. Whatever the location, however, you needn’t fear as I’m certain Mark Francis will find it utterly distasteful.

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