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Schnitzel and spritzers at new Austrian restaurant Boopshi’s

Posted at 12:00 pm, December 17, 2013 in Food & Drink
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Does the current cold snap have you dreaming of fur-lined lederhosen? Is your idea of a good time some light yodelling, followed by a few alcoholic beverages? If so, you’re probably in the right mood for a a visit to Boopshi’s which is a new café-bar that specialises in schnitzel. This dish originates in Austria, but is found in other Germanic countries. It’s meat that that has been beaten, breacrumbed, and fried. At Boopshi’s the schnitzels are served plain or with traditional toppings (such as duck egg or anchovies) and side dishes such as spätzle (a type of pasta-like egg noodle from the Alps). Desserts include kaiserschmarrn, a type of sweet pancake. Guy Dimond

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