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The eight LEGO highlights of 2013

Posted at 10:00 am, December 18, 2013 in Fun London

2013 has been a storming year for AFOLs (that’s Adult Fans of LEGO) with loads of brilliant bricked creations popping up throughout the year. Here’s a few of our LEGO highlights of 2013:

Baker Street Station

First up, a clever micro-builder recreated the full interior and exterior of Victorian-era Baker Street Station.

© brapps © brapps ©-brapps

Then who could forget International LEGO Day back in January?

towerbridge Lego

There were nights out devoted to LEGO robot wars!


and the incredible St Pancras International Station

It took 18 months and 150,000 LEGO bricks but Warren Elsemore persevered created this masterpiece:

LEGO st Pancras by Warren Elsemore © Ed Marshall LEGO st Pancras by Warren Elsemore © Ed Marshall LEGO st Pancras by Warren Elsemore © Ed Marshall

And these other London landmarks

Westminster Abbey © Warren Elsmore © Warren Elsmore © Warren Elsmore Battersea Flying Pig © Warren Elsmore


Oh and these LEGO tube maps

To celebrate the London Underground 150th anniversary, there were tube maps from past present and future dotted around the capital’s tube stations.

LEGO Tube map, Kings Cross St. Pancras

There was also build-your-own LEGO roundels:

Tfl lego roundel


And finally a snow globe full with a full LEGO skyline:

LEGO-Snowglobe-10 LEGO-Snowglobe-7

We even chatted to the man behind this bricked creation:

And now we’re seriously over-excited about the ‘The LEGO Movie’ coming out on February 14 2014!

Here’s five things we learnt from watching the trailer below:

 Here’s to a LEGO filled 2014!

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