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The year in London animal news

Posted at 8:00 am, December 20, 2013 in Fun London


This year was pretty wild for the animals of London. Here’s some of the frolics the capital’s critters got up to:


It was another bumper year for the city’s cats both on and offline.

Cats had their own cafés

We followed the story of Lady Dinah’s Cat Emporium with bated breath all year and can not wait for it to open in Bethnal Green at long last in 2014.

cat cafe

Watch this space as we’ll bring you updates as soon as we have them.

Cats took selfies

Yes, this exists.


Cats ran for mayor (in Mexico, not in London, sadly!)

Morris, YES WE CAT

Cats called 999

Kitten dials 999

Cats took the tube

Oyster the cat

Cats took the train and ended up in Scotland

Cat nav

Cats had exhibitions

MonorailCat by Alex Piercy

Giant cats roamed around London (kind of)

Cats had maps

Cat Map, ZSL

Cats even staged the nativity


So of course…


Dogs wanted their own cafés

A crowd-funded sausage dog café was announced soon after the cat café but we haven’t heard much since February (Cats 1. Dogs 0).

© mossan_desu

Dogs wanted to go to restaurants

© Red Lion & Sun pub

Whole websites were devoted to dog-friendly places to eat and drink.

But that wasn’t enough.

Dogs wanted their own bakeries

© Lewis Freeth

Dogs had their own blogs

labour and wait

Dogs wanted to do yoga aka DOGA


Dogs wanted to dress up

image (10)

Dogs got degrees

Pete the dog

Dogs made films

Dogs learnt to draw

drawing by dogs

Dogs even had their on Christmas grottos


But let’s not forget the rest of the animal kingdom.

These guys WON Halloween fancy dress 2013


There were a lot of very cute photos of your pets

Cute dog wearing cone from vet.


A fox licked a child. BAD FOX.


There were so many animals pop-ups that we made an ‘animal based pop-up generator’:

If I could drink with the animals...

There were animal-inspired tube signs

TFL's announcement for Earth Day on a Overground/Tube status board.

You had the chance to meet famous animals


And even learn to talk to them

Pea Horsley, animal whisperer

And we celebrated the best animal statues in the capital!

London's top ten Animal statues, Guy the Gorilla

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